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Structural Engineering Laboratory

 The Structural Engineering Laboratory comprise of various apparatus needed for learning of structural mechanics such as (a) Displacement of Fixed Moments (b) Fixed and Pined Moments (c) Maxwell – Betti  Theorems (d) Muller- Breslau End Moments (e) Muller- Breslau Internal Moment (f) Deflection of Beams (g) Deflection of Trusses (h) Shear Force Influence Lines (i) Bending Moment Influence Lines (j) Continuous Beam (k) Virtual Work (l) Muller- Breslau Reactions (m) Shear Force (n) Area-Moment Method (o) Deflection of Frames (q) Beam Stiffness/Carry Over Factors etc. Especially, the testing frame that can help student to monitor almost full scale of structural members. The capacity of frame is 100 Ton and all data will be recorded by computer software and digital data logger. Selected pictures of laboratory‘s apparatus are shown below

Fixed and Pined Moments Apparatus

Fixed and Pined Moments Apparatus

Shear Force Influence Lines Apparatus

Deflection of truss Apparatus

Structural Members Testing Frame

 These laboratories support research and teaching activities of the Structural Engineering Programs of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The learning of structural mechanics both from theories in lecture class and well practice in laboratory will improve the understanding of students that is the designed plan of CEE.