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Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory

 Understanding engineering concepts by attending lectures can be achieved only by following-up with hand-on experience. In universities, hand-on experience requires well-equipped Laboratory with capable instructors, suitable instruction documents, and proper monitoring and evaluation. SWU’s Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory has one of the most complete and up-to-date equipment in Thailand, some of which are shown below. Equipment covers basic and advanced topics for under-graduate and graduate teaching and research. Twelve topic oriented laboratory instruction documents are available (and more to come), enabling conduction of the full range of Engineering subjects; Fluid Mechanics, Open Channel Flow, Hydrology, and Groundwater. Employers are assured that SWU’s Engineering Graduate quality will meet their demands. In addition, the laboratory can manufacture and conduct tailor made equipment for industry’s research and experiment needs.

Open Channel Flow Flume

Flow in Pipes Apparatus

Drainage  and  Seepage  Tank

Orifice Flow Apparatus