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Concrete Technology Laboratory

 Concrete is the most popular civil-engineering material in the world, especially in Thailand, this laboratory will explore the learner how concrete qualities are controlled. The basic and advanced apparatus for concrete technology are available here. The example of needed equipment is listed as following: (a) specific gravity of cement (b) plastic limit of cement paste (c) strength of mortar (d) specific gravity of fine aggregate (e) specific gravity of coarse aggregate (f) abrasion of coarse aggregate (g) Air entrainment in fresh concrete (h) slump of concrete (i) flow test of fresh concrete (j) compaction of fresh concrete (k) Compressive and bending strength of hardened concrete (l) sieve analysis (m) Concrete Impermeability Apparatus, and (o) Concrete Mixer.

Abrasion of Coarse Aggregate

Concrete Impermeability Apparatus

Concrete Mixer Machine

Compressive strength of Hardened Concrete

Overview of Concrete Technology Laboratory

 More than 45 items of concrete technology‘s apparatus have been provided for student at Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. It is need to support the learning process and make sure that the student of CEE can perform the profession practice in the field of concrete confidently.