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Engineering Material Testing Laboratory

 Other civil-engineering materials such as steel, timber, asphalt and bricks are also important. This laboratory will lead you to understand the behavior and controlled standards for these materials. The selected apparatus and machines are (a) Impact of steel (b) Tensile test of steel (c) Specific Gravity of Timber (d) Compressive and Flexural Strength of Timbers (e) Absorption of construction brick (f) Compression Test of Construction Brick (g) Penetration Test of Asphalt (h) Toughness of Asphalt (i) Cleveland open cup Method (j) Ring and Ball Apparatus (k) Specific Gravity and Density of Semi – Solid Bituminous Materials, (l) Rebounded Hammer, (m) Torsion of Shaft and (n) Loss on Heating.

Impact of steel

Rebounded Hammer

Torsion of Shaft

Compressive and flexural Test of Timbers

Overview of Material Testing Laboratory

 Based on various apparatus and machines, student will see the overall picture of application of civil-engineering materials. This laboratory has large scale and use huge budget to perform. It can be say that this laboratory is the most significant tool which CEE offers to civil-engineering student.