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Overview of Civil and Environmental Engineering


 Civil engineering dates back to the oldest engineering disciplines in the world. It plays key role in the developments of the civilizations in building environmentally aesthetic infrastructures. Infrastructures developments are vital component in defining the modernization of civilizations. The responsibilities of a civil engineer take in designing, supervising, building, operating and maintaining public and private sector construction projects including buildings, roads, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges, and systems for water supply and sewerage systems. High rise enthralling buildings, paved carpeted roads, appealing airports, alluring designed bridges, and enchanting tunnels are the dedicated products of civil engineers. Civil engineering has manifold applications designing, construction, and research as well as education fields.

 The Civil and enVironmental Engineering (CVE) department at Srinakharinwirot University has been producing intellectually, analytically and professionally strong engineers and high quality researchers internationally since last two and half decades. We are committed in offering oriented careers in planning, designing, construction and management of building environment in a sustainable and viable manner in compliance with the refurbishment of natural environment.

 Thirteen full-time faculty members and five staff members are dedicated to teach more than 200 students per year. Recent technological advancements in academia coupled with specially designed teaching techniques from qualified faculty members are also a captivating rationale for studying at CVE @ SWU. Fully equipped laboratories with contemporary facilities help students in understanding the applications of fundamental theories in professional life.

 It’s obvious to say that studying environment provided at CVE is imperative for young and astute students who want to join Civil and Environmental Engineering as their living career for future endeavors.


 The Civil engineering department of Srinakharinwirot University has grown substantially since its foundation in 1993. Recently, Department of Civil Engineering has been changed to Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering for supporting of all demands.

 The civil engineering merged the foundation and fundamental science to student who need undergraduate degree in civil and environmental engineering

 The Doctor of philosophy degree is offered exclusively civil engineering. The cutting edge technology transfer technology methods perform the best curriculums.

 Civil engineering department including focus area construction management engineering, structure engineering and transportation.

 Graduate of CED at Srinakharinwirot University are always in high demand. Our aim create skill engineer with strong practical dialectical skills and leadership skill that prepare for the workplace both here and the broad.