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Welcome to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Faculty of Engineering, Srinakharinwirot University. (CVE-SWU)

“We have been very proud of our opportunity to bring proactive civil and environmental engineers into the country's development over the past 30 years.”

 Civil engineering is the main engineering discipline that is essential for an infrastructure’s development in various areas such as water resources, road/building/bridge construction, structural engineering materials, public utilities, environmental impact concerns, logistics and transportation, and repair/maintenance/strengthening of structures. The body of knowledge and its applications in civil and environmental engineering are continuously being developed in accordance with the rapid changes of today’s world. For adaptability to those changes, CVE-SWU, therefore, aims to create proactive civil engineers who have the knowledge both in theory and practice, morals, and ethics needed in the engineering profession. These will be the important factors leading to the sustainable development of the country and the increase in global competitiveness.

 Currently, the Department offers two bachelor’s degrees and one master’s degree program, namely: (1) Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) Program in Civil Engineering (2) Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) Program in Environmental Engineering; and (3) Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) Program in Civil Engineering. All curricula contain the traditional sub-disciplines of civil engineering which include structural, construction management, geotechnical, structural materials, water resources, environmental, and transportation and geographic information systems. CVE-SWU is determined to provide the expected outcomes to the graduates with both in-breadth- and in-depth knowledge and systematic problem solving through theoretical learning, hands-on experience, and project-based learning. For the master’s degree level, the up-to-date and interesting research and development topics are also built-in to the curriculum. In the near future, the doctoral degree in civil engineering program will be launched for those seeking to be the next academicians and high-expertise civil engineers.

 The staff of CVE-SWU is covered in all areas of expertise with a high level of experience. The laboratory tools for the students are promptly used for hands-on experience. Our campus is spacious and in a good environment. Various academic databases and resources are reserved for students in the library and online services. Hence, the curricula are accredited by ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) and the Council of Engineers. This will ensure that CVE-SWU graduates are, both academically and professionally, being well-prepared. It can be seen that the alumni of CVE-SWU are standout as professional engineers working in government agencies, consulting, and construction firms. Some of them are also presented as professors and academicians in universities and research institutes. Moreover, CVE-SWU provides various kinds of engineering services, such as materials testing, consulting, and design for the public and private sectors.

 CVE-SWU is committed and dedicated to the missions of teaching, research, and academic service. We are also engaged in knowledge acquisition, applications, state-of-the-art techniques, and technologies as well as motivating the students with the values of lifelong learning. All the things we do are to serve the community in the rapid changes of today’s world.